Importance-of-Vitamins-for-WomenNow that taking vitamins has become essential to your health and well being, knowing why is also vital. Of course we absorb a great amount of vitamins and minerals naturally from the foods we eat, but knowing that only 7% of the people in the world have superb eating and exercise habits, taking vitamins to better your health and well being is a cinch.

The daily recommended intake for vitamins and minerals is no longer the easiest goal to achieve without taking as vitamin anymore. If you are a woman, it is that much harder to achieve that goal.

If you are reading this article, it is safe to say you are probably not in the 7 percentile are you? That being said, of the dozens or so vitamins you need to obtain – and the hundreds of supplements that are now out there to choose from which multivitamin is the best for your specific needs.

Here are some great pointers for our female readers out there:

Bone health

One of the biggest concerns (you have probably seen at least three different commercials on TV regarding this topic) for women is osteoporosis (you have probably seen at least three different commercials on TV regarding this topic). Osteoporosis is an incapacitating condition where bone mass diminishes and develops into a more porous mass, causing women to then become more vulnerable to fractures and breakage. To resolve this, it is highly recommended that you take a multi-vitamin containing a great amount of calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium becomes easier to soak up with the help of the D vitamin. You can absorb this vitamin from the sun, but easier and healthier by a good multi-vitamin due to damaging sun rays.

You must consider keeping your daily intake within the recommended amount because high doses of the D vitamin over extensive periods of time can be toxic. Vitamin D is found in food items such as cod live oil (fatty fish) and the obvious vitamin D enhanced milk. We still recommend a good women’s multi-vitamin because the quantity of this vitamin in these foods are so insignificant that you are better off taking a good quality supplement.

If you are an active female who exercises frequently, eats healthy and maintains a healthy body weight for your age, you may still struggle with maintaining energy.

This could very well be from a shortage in your iron intake. You probably already know that if you are a female, you don’t even have to be anemic in order for low iron to influence your energy level and routine. Iron is one of the most important trace minerals needed in order for cells to generate and work appropriately. It also helps in the creation of normal, healthy red blood cells.

Not eating Meat

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you are certainly not consuming red meat and animal foodstuffs. As controversial as you may want to make this topic, red meat and animal products do contain important vitamins and minerals. Iron is at the top of the list. Now keep in mind, you can still acquire good sources of iron from plants and their products. It’s just that they are not simply absorbed by your body.

There are simple options here. You could eat twice the amount of these foods and double your iron intake naturally from them. Or make certain that you take a great multi-vitamin that contains the proper amount of daily recommended iron for women. A great tip for taking iron and getting proper absorption is to take C supplements along with. Again, a high-quality multi-vitamin will contain the proper amounts of this vitamin as well. Also, generous amounts of spinach, oranges, strawberries, and broccoli contain better amounts of iron.

Beautiful skin (more than just skin deep)

It is certainly not snobby to want great skin. If your skin is healthy, it reflects on your over-all health and wellness. Not just looks. Great skin is produced by antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E.

Vitamin A helps maintain healthy eyes, it increases the strength of your immune system and helps maintain healthy tissues (such as skin).

Vitamin C supports fast healing. It reduces sun damage, threat of cancer, cataracts and heart disease.

Vitamin E wears many hats. It helps offset cell aging and many experts will agree it aids in the deterrence of heart disease, cancer, cataracts (like Vitamin A and C) and memory loss. Again, all of these vitamins are found in a great multi-vitamin or supplement.

Heart health and brain function

As studies show an increase in heart conditions and memory loss conditions in women, a growing concern is heart health and strong brain function. For this, you will need to take a closer look at Vitamin B.

If you love shellfish, poultry, eggs, milk and red meat, you are getting Vitamin B12. This variety of Vitamin B helps thwart memory loss, anemia, heart disease and even forms of depression. Proper intake of B12 is vital for the appropriate performance of your brain. Again, with the growing amount of women that do not eat meat, a multi-vitamin is the way to go.

Additional B vitamins will furthermore help keep your brain function acute and your heart healthy. For example, Vitamin B6 is great. Not only does this vitamin carry out the same basic functions as B12, it also helps generate the essential brain chemicals that keep the synapses free and active (non–depressive functioning).

Another significant B vitamin for women is folic acid (folate). This vitamin is particularly helpful for women who enjoy a nice glass of wine (I am a woman and I love it!). Of course the saying “all things in moderation” definitely applies. When used as such, wine is good for the health, but it also reduces the absorption of Vitamin B. SO, choose your battles wisely.

All in all, taking the best multi-vitamins available can do no harm. Women have more complex needs for vitamins than many men do, so it is highly recommended that you stay on top of good health and well being by taking supplements.