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    Xtend Life Neuro Natural RecallNeuro Natural Recall is part of Xtend Life’s brain boosting supplements line designed to support healthy brain chemistry and promote improved brain function. Recall is formulated to improve cognition, retention, and counteract premature aging.Buy Here

Finding a supplement regime that supports memory function and cognition can often lead to piling your weekly pill case full of varying superfoods and having to knock back a plethora of pills that you hope are working together synergistically. Xtend Life Neuro Natural Recall addresses this “over packed vitamin case syndrome” by taking the guess work out of what combination of nutrients will best serve your brain, and its ability to retain, by rolling the best brain boosting supplements into one multivitamin.

What I, and Xtend Life’s committed customers, really appreciate about Xtend Life is how in depth they are in their own research, and that they make readily make this information available to their customers. I cannot tell you how often I’ve been researching multi-vitamins or brain boosting supplements, and the companies simply state a laundry list of miraculous benefits without providing hard and fast information as to how the product is able to provide such benefits. This frustrates me, because then I’m left having to do my own arduous research in order to understand if their claims are valid or not. Xtend Life, thankfully, does not send me on that wild goose chase for facts, they provide them right there, in detail, on their own site. When I’m informed, I feel confident. And when I feel confident, I’m ready to commit. I wish more companies would appreciate the power in that.

And let’s face it, making a commitment to our own mental dexterity and plasticity is no longer an extraneous luxury in this day and age. Our minds have entered a new paradigm in stimulus, stress, and demand. Gone are the days, when we could answer one letter a day, or manage the few close relationships with the people we saw on a daily basis. Now we’re coaxed into juggling dozens to hundreds of relationships with a whirlwind of differing modes of real-time communication. If you feel like your mind is having a hard time keeping up with it all: don’t be too hard on yourself. This is a brave new world my friends, and our brains may need a boost in order to handle the influx in demand being put upon them.

Xtend Life Neuro Natural Recall is specifically formulated to deliver a synergy of nutrients that have shown to be reparative and enhancing to the brain’s ability to retain and recall. Full of brain boosting supplements, it is also able to address your cognition as an inseparable part of the health and wellbeing of your whole system. Taking into account the need to boost your whole body, in order to best support your brain. I also appreciate how Xtend Life has designed their full range of brain boosting supplements; Neuro Natural General, Neuro Natural Recall, Neuro Natural Serenity,and Neuro Natural Sleep, to work together so you can decide to take half a dose of Recall and half a dose of Serenity together, or even cycle a full dose of Recall one month with a full dose of Serenity the alternating month, depending on your needs.

xtend life neuro natural recallNeuro Natural Recall includes some more familiar brain boosting supplements like Gingko Biloba and Green Tea, plus other ingredients that are held in high regard that have yet to become “trendy” in the west like Bacopa and Schisandra.

Studies have shown that extracts from the aquatic succulent plant, Bacopa, may help improve memory retention in older adults and improve hand eye coordination in younger people. The most active components in Bacopa are known as bacosides, which are categorized as triterpenoid saponins and have been observed to play a role in the production of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Bacopa has also been utilized in traditional medicine preparations as an effective way to treat anxiety and stress.
Schisandra is a climbing vine that produces a berry resembling a cranberry, and is know as the Five Flavor Berry. This fruit is highly regarded in China and Russia for it’s anti-aging and health giving properties. People in those regions find as many ways as Xtend Life Neuro Natural Recallpossible to incorporate them into their diet, via juices, jams, wines, and desserts. Schisandra is particularly prized in those areas as a supplement people over thirty are encouraged to take on a regular basis in order to stave off the effects of premature aging. It’s active component is Schisandrin, which is chemically categorized as dibenzo cyclooctadiene lignin. Schisandra also includes gomisins, schisantherins, gamma-terpinene and rubrildilactione. These unique elements are what give it its complex flavor, as well as its regenerative properties for the human body. Its lignans support healthy liver function, and its gomisins are powerfully antioxidant, which help protect and repair cell damage, as well as maintain healthy energizing levels of nitric oxide in the body.

Ginkgo biloba and green tea have long been appreciated for their ability to improve cognition and mental alertness, which is of course why they’re also include in Xtend Life’s Neuro Natural Recall. But one of the more interesting inclusions is also a familiar player in the world of brain chemistry, but is often only considered in its form as a therapeutic treatment: Lithium. Lithium is a naturally occurring element used as a therapy for those with bipolar and mania. As a treatment method, lithium is prescribed at a relatively high, therapeutic dosing amount. But trace amounts are a healthy and important part of our brain chemistry. Relatively recently, researchers have begun to appreciate the potential in micro dosing lithium in order to stave off depression. Studies have observed areas with naturally higher trace amounts of lithium in their water supply have less incidents of suicide on an annual basis. Xtend Life incorporated a trace amount of Lithium in Neuro Natural Recall which is hundreds of times less then what would be prescribed to someone suffering from bipolar. However, this subtle amount of lithium has been observed to provide a daily sense of wellbeing which decreases the negative effects of stress and allows for better cognition and retention. Unless you live in Lithia Springs, Georgia, you may be well served to incorporate this trace mineral, along with the chorus of other brain boosting supplements incorporated in Xtend Life Neuro Natural Recall into your regimen of wellness.