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    New Chapter CoQ10Unlike chemical and animal organ isolates of CoQ10, New Chapter’s CoQ10 is sourced from whole food and cultured with probiotics, thus helping make this one of the most rounded CoQ10 supplements available.Save $10 Ordering at iHerb

New Chapter CoQ10

CoQ 10 is truly a remarkable substance. It is produced by the the body itself within the mitochondria of our cells and is capable of two important functions almost simultaneously. One is as a powerful anti-oxidant, and the other as an essential electron carrier within the cell’s ETC or electron transfer chain, and it is capable of morphing back and forth between the two easily. It is produced and stored in high quantities within the cells of certain muscles or organs that have very high energy demands, like the heart, liver and kidneys.

As an anti-oxidant, CoQ 10 is a powerhouse capable of regenerating vitamin E after it has been oxidized so it can continue to be productive. CoQ10 protects lipids and proteins from becoming oxidized, which is of great concern given that increased oxidization of neuronal lipids and proteins in the brain have been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Another extremely important function is protecting LDL’s from oxidation. Oxidized LDL’s create inflammation within the body’s arteries and veins which attracts a buildup of plaque and thereby could lead to obstruction of blood flow.

Given that CoQ10 is a product of living cell respiration, a great vegetarian source of supplemental CoQ10 has been found in fermented or cultured sources. Otherwise the best source of CoQ10 retrieved from a dietary source is via organ meat such as beef heart. As of now, what determines the rate and amount in which the body synthesizes its own ubiquinone (coQ10) remains much in mystery. Studies have observed links in declined production with age, biological stress, and disease, but have not yet linked solid environmental factors which would increase production within the body. Ubiquinone production is currently observed to be linked only with predetermined genetic programming. Notice that we use the term *currently observed*, this is because there are studies being conducted that are trying to determine specific genetic mutations that lead toward increased coQ10 production in the body, and more importantly its role as an antioxidant which counteracts the oxygen radical aging process. The natural occurrences within the body, or its environment, which may initiate such “age-defying” mutations are not yet known.

All of this means that, currently, the only ways to introduce more coQ10 in the body is via dietary consumption and/or supplementation. And given its incredible importance within the body, it is definitely worth while to incorporate it into daily consumption, being sure to place priority on quality and bioavailability. New Chapter’s CoQ10 + Food Complex is an excellent resource given that it is sourced from whole food and cultured with probiotics in order to produce the coQ10. This means that your body will readily understand how to digest and utilize the nutrients given because, unlike a chemical isolate form of coQ10, this system of delivery comes complete with innumerable phytonutrients, isoflavones and beta-glucans that act as a support system for the body as it processes and absorbs these nutrients.

New Chapter CoQ10 + Food Complex is also Gluten free and 100% vegetarian, so those of you with such dietary restrictions may still benefit from introducing more coQ10 into your daily consumption. In a single serving of New Chapter CoQ10 + Food Complex there are 22mg of ubiquinone (coQ10) which is the daily recommended amount for maintenance in healthy individuals. It also avoids aggravating sensitivities and/or allergies by being sure to exclude any artificial flavors or colors.

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