The Vitamin Code line can be broken down into three main categories:

Vitamin Code Raw VitaminsThe Vitamin Code Multivitamin Formulas – A synergistic blend of nutrients that work together along with their essential co-factors that ensure optimal absorption. These multi-vitamins are broken down into several specific formulas:

The Vitamin Code line is a 100% raw food, organic vitamin that can actually be taken on an empty stomach. Offering a balanced blend of enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants, Vitamin Code is the perfect supplementation to a healthy diet.

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The Targeted Nutrient Formulas – These are designed to address specific deficiencies occurring in someones diet, or to boost health with the addition of powerful actives that can do a great deal of heavy lifting in conjunction with a healthy and balance diet. here is a breakdown of the different targeted nutrients offered:

Vitamin Code Multivitamins

  • Vitamin Code Healthy Blood
  • Vitamin Code RAW K-Complex
  • Vitamin Code RAW Zinc
  • Vitamin Code RAW D3
  • Vitamin Code RAW B-Complex
  • Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin E
  • Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin C
  • Vitamin Code RAW Antioxidants
  • Vitamin Code RAW B-12
  • Vitamin Code RAW Calcium
  • Vitamin Code RAW Iron

The Grow Bone System Maintaining proper bone density is a major concern for many people, and this line was designed by Garden of Life to help promote mineral density, and support overall bone growth. What they wanted to achieve with this line that is very unique in comparison to the majority of calcium supplements on the market, is Garden of Life’s dedication in using raw plant source nutrients. Most calcium supplements are derived from minerals (rocks) or Oyster shells, Garden of Life did not feel like this was sufficient for the Vitamin Code Line, given the fact that human did not evolve eating and digesting rocks and oyster shells. This is what they found a marine algae source, algas calcareas, which is harvested off the coast of South Africa , and also provides 73 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, silica, boron, vanadium and strontium that have all additionally been linked to healthy bone density:

Vitamin Code RAW Calcium formulated with AlgaeCal RAW  (Coming Soon)

Vitamin Code Growth Factor S  (Coming Soon)