Vitamin-B3-Help-Prevent-Fungal-InfectionThe Best Multi Vitamin team has learned that a group of scientists from the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the University of Montreal have recognized vitamin B3 as a possible anti-fungal remedy.

The findings have been covered in a recent article in Nature Medicine, an international, highly respected journal for biomedical research.

It is commonly known that yeast infections by Candida albicans embody a significant public health crisis and a common obstacle in immunodeficient people such as cancer patients involved in chemotherapy, AIDS patients, and organ recipients. While some treatments already obviously exist, many times their effectiveness can be derailed by the materialization of strains that are resistant to typical existing drug therapy.

This new study shows that a Candida albicans enzyme, called Hst3, is vital to the development and continued existence of the yeast. Researchersin this study found that genetic or pharmacological reticence of Hst3 with nicotinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3, powerfully reduced Candida albicans ability to remain viral. Also, both normal and drug resistant strains of these Candid albicans were vulnerable to nicotinamide. What’s more, nicotinamide also prohibited the growth of other pathogenic Candida varieties and another human pathogen called Aspergillus fumigatus. So, not only did the research prove one thing, it revealed more success on a wider scale. This shows the broad antifungal properties of nicotinamide.

Any news our Bets Multi Vitamins readers get that affirms the positive effects of proper vitamin and mineral intake is good news. We all know that it is better news when we can take a vitamin and/or mineral is substation for stronger (sometimes harmful side effecting) prescribed drugs. Amen.

The simple issue here is that there is a critical need and a higher demand for the development of new innovative therapies to kill Candida albicans because it is one of the principal causes of infections for hospitalized people. It is also connected with high mortality rates.

As with any new medical study, we understand that there are still many issues on this matter to be looked into, the results this ground-breaking study are incredibly thrilling and they represent an essential first step in the expansion of new therapeutic resources to treat fungal infections without major side effects that many strong, less natural medications may cause.

It is extremely exciting to find hopeful studies leaning towards a more natural cure for any health issue, infection or disease. Take your vitamins. Look for Vitamin B3. The next time you order your multi vitamins or any vitamin or mineral at be on the lookout.