Prebiotic-Probiotic-FormulaFirst things first, the importance of Prebiotics is detailed in our product discription of Xtend-life’s Kiwi-Klenz. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend giving it a read, because it explains why simply taking a probiotic alone, as opposed to pre and probiotics, may not be a sustainable way to create long term changes in your health.

But does this mean it isn’t worth taking a Probiotic at all? Certainly not.

Introducing a variety of beneficial bacteria into your digestive system is still an excellent way to support and enhance your health in a multitude of ways.

However, the trick is getting them to stay put and colonize.

Pre and Probiotics

This is when the importance of a Pre and probiotics become paramount. Combining a prebiotic like Kiwi-Klenz with a high quality probiotic is an excellent way to cover all your bases and foster an environment in your intestines that your new guests will be sure to appreciate…so much so that a good portion will decide to set up shop and call your gut home for good.

Too often, people will take the first step to improve their health by introducing supplements into their diet, but do not put enough priority on the quality of product they are consuming. This undermines the effort, no matter the nutrient, and doubly so when it pertains to taking less than adequate probiotics. A low quality probiotic will usually have processed the product in such a way that a majority of the precious bacteria you are paying for are dead on arrival. Dead bacteria do not make very productive members of your intestinal society. Another complaint concerning less than stellar probiotics is that their diversity is lacking.

As a side not, it is extremely important that you choose a high quality pre and probiotics. Our top pick is Garden of Life’s RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care, which if purchased at iHerb, you can save $10 and receive free shipping by using code LHB893.

Our digestive environments really do function like a society in a way – ideally you have many different bacteria, each with their own unique set of skills that help break down various types of food, and each performing helpful tasks that support the body’s absorption of a plethora of vitamins and nutrients. Now, imagine that you live in a society that was entirely made up of mattress salesmen. It wouldn’t be a very productive environment. This is why the aforementioned Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care includes 34 different strains of beneficial bacteria to help diversify your digestive tract.

Even more importantly, there is a great deal of care taken to ensure the bacteria are alive when you receive them, by being sure not to prepare them in a way in which they are not exposed to high temperatures, or exposed to chemicals which could harm the bacteria. Once you receive Garden of Life’s RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care, be sure to follow the instructions and keep your pre and probiotics refrigerated.

Taking Kiwi-Klenz simultaneously gives the bacteria their ideal “food” to help them sustain procreation and colonization, meanwhile presenting your digestive system with enzymes that help flush out uncooperative bacteria. A pre and probiotics “one-two-punch” against systems predominantly colonized by bacteria that are not helpful toward your body and your health, which also room for helpful and protective bacteria to flourish.