Vitamin Supplement Drinks

In a world where vitamins in energy drinks are mixed with alcohol and canned beverages that look like energy drinks also contain alcohol, you’d think more consumers would shy away from taking vitamin supplement drinks too seriously. Not so. Vitamin supplement drinks are not necessarily as bad as those “so called” energy drinks that contain alcohol, but they aren’t all “health and well being” either. They contain alarming amounts of sugar.

CHOICE, a well known and respected consumer advocacy group, wants consumers to pay closer attention to the vitamin supplement drinks we buy and consume. Specifically, the group is focusing on vitamin-supplemented water products like the popular Smart Water, Nutrient Water and Vitamin Water. These types of drinks and others many times contain high levels of sugar. What’s more, some have been marketed in a way that suggests they contain ingredients that don’t exist.

A spokesperson for the advocacy groups says we, as consumers, are seeing a huge influx of these vitamin supplement drinks on the market, many of which are making shocking health claims. The group stresses the need for consumers to read ingredient labels and not just marketing labels. If you look at the ingredient labeling on many of these drinks, they tout that they contain up to 33% of the recommended vitamin daily intake (average woman). This staggering claim, if believed, leads unknowing consumers to believe they could forego fruit and veggies for the day.

In the review from CHOICE, they state that these vitamin supplement drink manufacturers were leaving out vital information that consumers need to understand. In the US, labeling has long debated by many consumer advocated to be atrocious. The things manufactures of most all products can get away with is damaging to consumers who seem to believe what any label says. For example it seems the word “natural” has suddenly been slapped on just about and product manufacturers can get there hands on. “Natural” is so very vague and does not mean that the product is in fact made from all natural ingredients.

When it comes to vitamin drinks, the damage done by untruthful labeling is that much more worrisome as vitamins are extremely important to our health and well-being. Perhaps more damaging than eating a food product we think is “natural” when it is not. Vitamins and minerals are vital to health and if you are consuming a drink you are being “told” contains more vitamins and minerals than it in fact does, that is damaging on a whole new level.

Now on the other hand, a Director of one of these vitamin water companies says he is offended of these allegations being made by the consumer group. Deflecting the attention away from the simple facts regarding vitamin supplement drinks, the director noted that Nutrient Water has 25% less sugar than iced tea and more than 50% cent less sugar than carbolated soft drinks. Yes, but what exactly does that have to do with vitamin supplemented drinks?

While this company’s vitamin water drink may be healthier than basic sweetened ice teas or soft drinks – that is not the point. The point is that those vitamin supplemented drinks contain misleading wording. The contest is not between soda and vitamin drinks.

Whatever the rhetoric, CHOICE is not backing down. They filed a complaint. While we all await labeling laws to change (worldwide), our mission at is to point out to our blog readers that reading ingredient labels is necessary for making the proper choices for you needs. Pay attention and learn about any items you buy – whether they are food related or not.

When it comes to health and well-being, no one wants to be misled; they just need to be proactive when it comes to making purchases. The next time you grab a beverage of the shelf, whether it is vitamin supplemented or not, take a close look at the ingredients. Ingredient labels are more important than the pretty color on the label. Don’t be fooled by marketing on vitamin drinks, or any products.

This issue is one reason why we review the products we recommend here at this vitamin site.