Holiday-Health_StressNow that the Holidays are upon us, we want our Best Multi Vitamin blog readers to know that this time of year is when good health keeps you on track for the busy, busy season. Being healthy is vital to your happiness and well-being during this hectic time. So, this is the perfect time to consider just how busy you will be with work, end of the year projects, travel, entertaining and overall exhaustion. This is just the time of year when our sanity can be tested to its fullest. Staying “physically” healthy begets “mental” health and vice versa. Not only do most of us not have time for all the extra activities the Holiday Season brings with it, but we certainly do not want to be sick on top of it! Trying to be as natural about it as you can is still possible without having to cook and eat your vegetables 3 times a day. Vitamins are a great, fast way to stay on track while “on the go”.

Here are some simple tips on staying healthy for the Holiday Season:

Get Rest

If you are not able to get the proper rest you need, you will definitely fizzle out fast. Lack of proper rest will lead to non-productiveness to say the least. Sleep deprivation affects millions of people in the US, in fact Americans have the worst track-record for getting enough sleep. No matter what time of year it is too. We are a busy society that is always “on the go”. When you mix holidays in there, it doesn’t get any better either. At best Multi Vitamins, we recommend a natural sleep enhancers and sleep remedies (in pill form) such as Valarian Root and Kava Kava Root. These remedies provide a natural calming effect. Many people use them for stress and anxiety as well as insomnia. They are nontoxic, but like anything else, there are side effects. If you are sensitive to new remedies, read information about them before choosing the right one for you. We also recommend a lavender bases pillow spray (aromatherapy).

Take Supplements That Keep Illnesses at Bay

Precaution is 9/10ths of the battle. If you already take multi vitamins and supplements, make sure they are the best multi vitamins available. Make sure they include ALL the daily recommended portions. Take vitamins and supplements that are not made with artificial ingredients (fillers). High quality vitamins and minerals are made with natural ingredients and promote better health. Anti-oxidants provide natural defense against getting run down. Maximum amounts of anti-oxidants are found in most high-quality multi vitamins. Pomegranates and Acai berries are loaded with natural anti-oxidants. You can even take these ingredients in a pill form. Many products that are promoted for immunities are also good for energy and exercise too.

Maintain Your Energy Level

Proper sleep is vital, but when you need to be awake, keeping your energy at higher levels is helpful when trying to get several projects and errands done. You do not need to stop and buy $4-5 coffees all day to keep you going either. While caffeine is contained in many energy boosters, there are several alternatives like Ginseng, bee pollen extracts, and Royal Jelly. There are several multi vitamins on the market that contain ingredients for energy and stamina.


What? You are probably thinking that running all over creation during the Holiday Season is enough exercise. Not so much. A good workout program promotes usage of all body parts. Not just legs and arms. Try using a good muscle and joint complex when exercising too. Keep in mind that a goof workout will blow off a lot of steam, more so than running errands. Believe it or not, you feel energetic after working out too. You are more alert and you feel good about yourself which promotes mental health.

All Things in Moderation

While there are so many old jokes about holiday drinking and family get-togethers, excessive “anything” can be harmful. This can be a stressful time of year for many of our Best Multi Vitamin blog readers out there, but do not hide behind too many alcoholic beverages to cope. Not only can excessive drinking cause YOU a wide variety of health problems, but your drinking can harm people you have never even met before if you drink and drive.

Keep in mind that healthy lifestyles create a world of opportunity. Good health and well-being are essential all year long; holidays just make it harder to remain health conscious. No one is perfect. You know you want that turkey gravy. You can indulge with food as long as you keep and even balance of exercise and the right supplements. Taking quality multi vitamins and supplements are a great way to get healthy amounts of needed minerals and vitamins. You WILL have more fun and WANT to have more fun if you are at your best. Be your best.

Happy Holidays! Be sure to check the new coupon codes we just posted for November.