Pecans Contribute to Heart Health and Disease Prevention

As you know, being a quality vitamin site, we can't say enough about the positive attributes connected with antioxidants (which are prevalent in pecans), but [...]

Vitamin D Benefits Breast Cancer Patients with Joint Pain

Vitamin D Breast Cancer Treatment Study A new study shows that high dose vitamin D breast cancer treatment alleviates joint and muscle pain for many [...]

Vitamin D Shows Improved Immune System Response

Vitamin D for Immune System Health A paper released this month states that gingival cells grown in a laboratory treated with vitamin D increased their [...]

Proper Eating Habits – How We Eat is just as important as What We Eat

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Breast Cancer & Vitamin Consumption: What the Studies Suggest

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While every month should be, we will reflect by reporting on this topic and the use of vitamins [...]