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MonJun 19th, 2017

Graviola Tea Benefits: Do They Outweigh the Risk?

By |Research|

Don’t you wish the world could just be a more simple place sometimes? Less confusing and more straightforward? Well, me too. But, I hate to [...]

WedJun 14th, 2017

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Green Papaya?

By |News, Nutrition, Research|

Ripe papaya is a luscious tropical fruit that certainly kicks any granola bowl up a notch. So why would anyone be compelled to eat the [...]

MonMar 21st, 2016

Are Collagen Supplements for Skin Effective?

By |News, Research|

Do Collagen Supplements Really Work? The more that science is able to identify and study the human body's function on a microscopic and molecular level, [...]

TueJan 5th, 2016

Preventing Deficiency and Saving Money With Multivitamins

By |General, News|

The Harvard-led Physicians Health Study II spanned the course of ten years, charting two groups of adult men and the effects that taking a daily [...]

ThuDec 17th, 2015

Importance of Taking a Probiotic and Prebiotic

By |Research|

First things first, the importance of Prebiotics is detailed in our product discription of Xtend-life’s Kiwi-Klenz. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend giving it [...]

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